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It is a free program that allows you to split any of your MP3 files easily
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Split MP3 is not only an effective MP3 cutter, but also a versatile converter that supports most of the best-known audio codecs, such as WAV, FLAC, M4A, AC3, and WMA. This free program can extract any audio fragment in just a few seconds, and then save it in a format of your choice. The resulting files can retain the compression rate of the original file, but conversions permit customizable bit rates.

The cutting functionality is restricted to MP3 files - the only file type that this tool can open and play. Therefore, conversions are only possible from MP3 to other codecs. The choice of target audio formats is very adequate, covering the most popular lossless and lossy compression codecs available. By supporting WAV, this tool can be easily used as an MP3 decoder – you just need to make the starting and end cutting marks match with the beginning and end of the MP3 file, and the whole audio file will be decompressed in a snap (the same is true for conversions of full files from MP3 to other formats). The bit rate of the converted file can be selected from a pull-down menu, ranging from 32 to 512 kbps.

Split MP3 also includes playback capabilities, thus making it easier for you to select a desired fragment more accurately. However, note that this free tool has been designed to perform basic audio cutting, not to cover the most demanding needs of audio professionals. Thus, start and end times are represented in hours, minutes, and seconds, so do not expect extremely precise cutting points.

Francisco Martínez
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  • It can be used as an MP3 decoder
  • It offers conversion capabilities for the most-used audio codecs
  • Well-structured interface


  • Cutting marks are not very precise
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